Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Zionist barbeque

Tomorrow's the annual Zionist Barbeque (and no, Zionists are not set on fire, nor is the event actually called a "Zionist Barbeque" but is actually the "Chicago Friends of Israel Party on the Quads") which was the site, last year, of my first hot dog consumption in over a decade. Not eager to repeat that experience, I was relieved to see on flyers for the event that this year they'll be serving falafel, which makes it less of a barbeque but (assuming the falafel doesn't hail from the Nile restaurant on 55th St.) potentially much tastier.


Maureen said...

Yeah, but the Universal Health Care BBQ is also going to be in Hutch Quads at that time. Falafel and hot dogs for all!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a funny post 6 different ways to Tuesday - especially the hot dog part.

But I'd like to mention a couple of additional thoughts on Zionist Barbecue.

First of all, Zionist Barbecue is far tastier than most people think.

Second, much as with ethnic jokes, you can't eat Zionist Barbecue unless you are actually Jewish. And people who have recently converted to the tribe for the express purpose of enjoying Zionist Barbecue are verboten. (There is a Seinfeld episode you can consult for the finer points of this prohibition.)

And third, everyone knows that in a proper Zionist Barbecue you don't actually set the Zionists on fire. That would mean you've used too much lighter fluid on the coals. You merely want to gently grill the Zionists.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

You anti-dentite bastard!