Saturday, May 21, 2005

No serious blogging, it's a beautiful day: What am I going to wear?

I'm about to go to a barbeque, which means a change of clothes is in order. While at the apartment where the barbeque is being held earlier this afternoon, I was forced to try on both a Betsey Johnson dress and a Chicago basketball jersey, since my jeans-and-turtleneck ensemble was deemed unacceptable. Neither of these were doing it for me, so I decided to go home and change. What would be perfect are these dark khaki bermuda shorts from the Gap, which I almost bought but which Kate said make me look like a boy. I ended up buying this skirt, which seems a bit too hippie-dippy to eat a hamburger in, but I'm all for challenging the accepted order of things, and perhaps paired with cowboy boots, the look will be more Texas than (the former) Upper West Side.


Alex B. said...

Gap is said to be the typical "American" brand for clothes. French people are crazy about it, however. I work at the Gap in Québec City during the summer and whenever we have people from France (there's quite a few of them in Québec City), they say they love the Gap precisely because there aren't many Gap stores in France (and because they're much more expensive in France than in North America). Weird.

So, Gap or Le petit bateau? I'm all about Le petit bateau.

Alex B. said...

Oh by the way, a simple women's t-shirt from le petit bateau goes for C$40 in Canada and about C$14 in France. So that's probably why Canadians like le petit bateau and don't really like the Gap, while French people like the Gap and don't really care about le petit bateau.

Anonymous said...

Hope there weren't any condimentary mishaps.


Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Petit Bateau over Gap, but it's way too expensive in the US.

There were condimentary mishaps, but it's been taken care of.

Anonymous said...

So when's the hat coming off?