Sunday, May 15, 2005

The plan

Today's visit to the Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House has been less than productive. I've succeeded in opening a word document, opening a can of diet Coke, and rereading the reading I did last time I was here. Moments of utter unproductivity are, however, strangely conducive to writing Maroon articles, so that's the plan...

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Nick said...

Wait, you were there today, too!?

I went to LPZoo for the first time today. So f***ick cold but really worth it. Did notice a couple of empty exhibits (as well as the amputee monkey!), but...

In any case, my favorite was when a dad tried to point out one of the apes to a kid, who responded, "that's not a monkey, that's a human in a monkey costume!"

...hmmm....we think that's an interesting idea for the zoo, should things get more dire than they already are.

We also noticed that the bears seemed to be chewing on what could very well be elephant bones...!