Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just got this email:

Dear Graduating Student:

Congratulations on your forthcoming graduation!  Each year, at the time of graduation, the University's News Office offers a special service to our newly minted grads.  If you -- or your family members -- would like you to receive special recognition in your hometown or community newspaper, the News Office will write a press release and send it to the appropriate local contact.

In order for us to send this press release out to coincide with your graduation, please visit http://www-news.uchicago.edu/hometowners/.
On the Web site, you will see a form, which will ask you (or your parent or legal guardian) to update information about yourself.  The press release, sent on University letterhead, can simply notify your hometown paper of your graduation, but it could also, if you'd like, notify them about your concentration, activities, athletic achievements, and any awards you've received.

So, if you would like the University's News Office to alert your paper, please visit http://www-news.uchicago.edu/hometowners/ as soon as you can.

Thanks for your time.

So I suppose the time has come to let the New York Times know that not only am I highly likely to graduate from college, but that I'm a French concentrator (wait, they changed it to "major", which this so-called "official" email failed to note), that I am active in campus publications, and that I have no athletic acheivements to speak of other than running downtown twice and walking downtown once. I have honors but no awards, and, this being Chicago, even if a "most prolific blogger" award existed, I doubt I'd win. I don't have a hometown paper, unless socialite magazine "Avenue" counts. The "Style" section of the Times might count, but I can't imagine the UChicago News Office would get far going that route. So I've decided that this blog is my hometown paper, in that these days more people read it than live in some (miniscule) towns. Looks like I've just saved the News Office some trouble.

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Libby Pearson said...

OK, if your newspaper is the Daily Progress, circulation something like 30,000, this is actually a little useful!