Friday, May 27, 2005

What's the matter with (Gap) kids these days?

Lauren's fabulous dark-rinse jeans were nowhere to be found, and I'm not about to buy jeans, even $14.99 jeans, online. Silly as it looks in the picture, this dress looked really cool when I tried it on, and was the right length, width, etc., but there was the not insignificant problem of a zipper digging into me in the general area of the armpit. I don't know why the side zipper went up that high, but there it was. A bright pink terry-cloth mini-dress with ruffles at the bottom (no picture online)... was a bright pink terry-cloth mini-dress with ruffles at the bottom. Very Juicy Couture two years ago, very Manhattan private school seventh grader two years ago, and too silly for someone soon to be a college graduate. But it was flattering, or at least the mirrors were flattering, looked interesting (read: ridiculous) worn over jeans, and was about $12, so I considered it, but ended up going instead with the dark khaki bermuda shorts, which were on sale and designed for a small woman, not a large child. My love affair with Gap Kids has ended, just in time for me to enter the world of grown-ups.

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Anonymous said...

that's sad about the jeans. i did get them a while ago though. as for the purple dress, i still think it's questionable. i like my 2 gap kids dresses. ill wear one tues if its nice out.