Friday, May 27, 2005

"Get well, get well soon..."

You know the Seinfeld where Elaine's office peer-pressures her into eating ridiculous amounts of cake? That's exactly what's going on in Hebrew class. I'm not complaining, but sometimes my cake-cravings don't hit between the hours of 9 and 10:30 in the morning. What I want to know is, since it's definitely more polite to take, say, a cookie, than to not take one at all, is it better to take one for later or to just not take one at all? It's weird to take food people bring in to class "to go", but since most of my classes are either bring-your-own-whatever or discourage eating during class, I'm not sure about the etiquette here. Regardless, I have a yellow-and-pink cookie shaped like a bear (and remarkably similar to the cookie Elaine buys for herself once she's excluded from the cake cult at work) sitting next to me right now at the Reg. All it needs is its own mini-laptop, made of edible metallic foil. It looks delicious, and I'm sure I'll want it later. Of course, if the Romance Languages barbeque isn't all that I'd hoped for and more, I've got backup.

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