Monday, May 30, 2005


How do you say "The Dreyfus Affair" in Hebrew? A transliterated answer would probably be best, since I can't quite picture what would happen to Hebrew letters in blogger comments.

In other news (was that news? no.) Ashley and I have determined that the Reg is freezing. Why is it so cold here? It's not helping me focus. It just forced me to go to Ex Libris and get a large cup of tea! And maybe the bermuda shorts weren't the way to go, for both fashion and temperature reasons. Why did I think it would be a good idea to prance around the Reg at 20-degree temperatures looking like a schoolboy? How much will I need to know about Balzac's life for tomorrow's final?


Anonymous said...

Does Google work in Hebrew?

You can't be the first person on the internets to write about Dreyfus in Hebrew...

Anonymous said...

The Hebrew Wikipedia page on the Dreyfus Affair is

(Hopefully that worked. On my screen, the last bit of the url is in Hebrew. Anyways, Dreyfus = dalet, resh, yod, yod, fay, vav, samekh.

I think you could drop one of the two yods if you really wanted: it's really a Yiddish spelling. But the two-yod spelling wins Google hands down.)

Anonymous said...

ps: it's Parshat Dreyfus, as you'll see from the Hebrew link. There's also a link there to Alfie's very own Hebrew Wikipedia page, which spells his name out in full (alef, lamed, fay, resh, dalet: full Hebrew orthography, that one).