Sunday, May 08, 2005

A dippy post, as befits the end of a fun but unproductive weekend

Size deflation has gotten out of control. I am now a size one at the Gap, but the size sixes I have from high school still fit exactly the same as the current size ones. I know women want to feel thin and everything, but if this continues I will be sized out of all adult clothing in the chain stores and will be forced to either shop in the kids' section or spend the "dough" an anonymous commenter seems to think I have at agnes b, where I am, was, and always will be the largest size available. If I were "doughier" but not doughier, I would get a certain $2,000 leather trench coat from agnes b., but right now I'm thinking the time has come to make pasta.


Anonymous said...

Don't appreciate all that pandering to vanity? Is that why there's no Gap in Hyde Park?

Anonymous said...

You are correct about most of this. I've recently gone from a medium to a small in Gap T-shirts despite not having shrunk. If this continues, I share your worry about being pushed into the kids section.

However, you are dead wrong about pasta. I had pasta for dinner last night, and wish to avoid semolina monotony. I'm thinking salmon and a nice spinach and mushroom salad is the thing to make tonight.