Sunday, May 15, 2005

Poor Republicans

"Meet the Poor Republicans" has to be the most brilliant NYT headline ever. Because if you said to your average Times reader, "Wanna meet some poor Republicans?," you'd probably get a response along the lines of, "No, really, it's OK." As in, --Do you want to eat inorganic with a bunch of creationists? --Thanks, I'll pass.

That said, what's also cool about this headline is that it could be read as "Meet the people who are unfortunate enough so as to be Republicans, who are so pathetic that they have yet to see the light." As in, "You poor thing, don't you know that friends don't let friends vote Republican? Oh, honey, meet me at the Tasti d-Lite at 86th and Broadway and we'll talk."


Anonymous said...

Bit disingenuous to call it a NYT headline when it's a Brooks column. Er, anyway, there's also the sarcasm read on it, which would be the most likely call if it weren't Brooks. As in, "the poor Republicans who can lie to the country and steal and bomb brown people and still win elections and then have the temerity to complain about a few appeals court judges and a brain-dead woman."

Anonymous said...

Or as comedienne Laura Bush might put it: "Meet the F*ckers." -- JM