Friday, May 20, 2005

Big questions

Should I go meet people at the Pub in an hour or so, or should I stay home and be productive (i.e. read and otherwise lounge around)?

If I were to go to the Pub, what would I wear?

Does whole wheat really matter as much as Marian Burros thinks it does?


Anonymous said...

Well, let's take them in reverse order.

Q3: Whole grains, in general, are a wonderful thing. I prefer brown rice to white. I think whole wheat flour can be used to make some wonderful loaves of bread.

But whole wheat pasta is an abomination. It's almost as serious a crime against nature as putting skim milk in your coffee. Fuck the health Nazis on this one.

Q2: When in doubt, black.

Q1: God, I hope you're joking. If not, you either need a better set of friends, or a better set of priorities.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

The idea for Q1 was that I'd stay home with good intentions re: productivity but end up wasting time. I ended up going to the Pub.

Q2: Jeans. Eh. But with uber-chic trench coat.

Q3: Skim milk in coffee and white rice are both wonderful things. Whole grain bread is tasty.

Anonymous said...

Skim milk in coffee is a indeed a thing of wonder - much like polyester and fluorescent lights.


White and brown rice are both dandy. White and wheat flour in bread are both dandy. I await the emergence of quinoa blogs with bated breath.

But pasta? Have you actually tried whole wheat pasta?

There is a good reason why croissants and pasta are traditionally made of white flour.