Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Modest Proposal

I think American judges, and perhaps attorneys, should go back to wearing wigs in the courtroom.

Why, you ask? Perhaps to save the wig industry from demise?


The reason to do it, is because wigs make judges look so antiquated and dignified in this very off way, that I think it would go a long way to get rid of these accusations of judicial activism. Who's gonna accuse a guy in a wig of anything but looking kinda frumpy? Plus, it'd cover Rehnquist's receding hairline.



Anonymous said...

I hope you're joking.

john_m_burt said...

The liberals would call the judges archaic, and the conservatives would call them transvestites.

The male judges in wigs, anyway. And can you imagine a female judge wearing one of those godawful horsehair thingies? They'd want to go for something more Dolly Parton, surely, and that would spoil the whole thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

It would certainly make things easier for judges undergoing chemotherapy, as Sandra Day O'Connor did. Not that her chemo wig wasn't lovely, but a uniformity of hairstyles would reduce the chemo stigma.