Sunday, May 08, 2005

La nausee

I am currently in the delightful process of trying to find a job for next year. Anyone with any ideas should direct them to I have lots of experience and am highly qualified. For what? For many things, none of which are especially lucrative.

I'm also reading about French Roast on the UWS and its rancid chicken. A friend of mine vomited in their bathroom several years back, and no, this friend was not a bulimic. I've had perfectly decent coffee there, but if I were going to spend a lot on bland food on the UWS, I'd at least go to Sarabeth's. Those French-themed, bistro-themed, bacteria-themed places that dot the outskirts of all trendy Manhattan areas (Park Ave. South, 7th Ave. South) are never an especially good idea.


Anonymous said...

You could move from Blogger to Typepad and keep blogging. Then you just sit back and laugh as all the dough rolls in.

Failing that, you could always pursue a career in the lucrative world of fur hat modeling.

Anonymous said...

Well, you could be a paralegal.
Advantages: You could find out if you might want to go to law school; you could spend your days surrounded by nattily dressed Jewish boys.
Disadvantages: The Jewish boys are probably all fixated on the same bottle blonde receptionist. If you told a stranger in a bar what your job was, he may mishear it as "I'm barely legal," which could lead to all manner of unfortunate mishaps.