Thursday, May 12, 2005

Frebrew, Hrench, and a sticker with no vowels

Hummus, indeed, for those who arrived early to the CFI event on the quads. Adam, whom I hadn't seen since our days on the now-defunct (?) Chicago Quill, informed me that he doesn't read blogs but that he nevertheless read mine and liked some post on it, so a shout-out to him, then. I got a sticker that says something in Hebrew which, despite my alleged knowledge of Hebrew I couldn't begin to understand but which, they say, has something to do with Israeli independence. "But Israel's already independent," Sam and Nick and possibly some other people told me. I'm thinking the "57" on the sticker has something to do with how long Israel's been independent. Right. Atz Maoot? Etz Maoht? Someone, am I getting this right? Yom Ha'atz Maot? Oot? Argh! I spoke in French for maybe 15 whole minutes today, and under pressure, at that, and immediately following a Hebrew TA session, so I'm in serious Frebrew/Hrench mode. I began the day with a homemade French pastry from the batch Lauren brought to class, and really, any day in which I eat both French and Israeli foods is something of a success.

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Anonymous said...

Yom Ha'atzmaut (Pronounced Ah-tzma-OOT, or something along those lines) means independnce day. (the root of the word is etzem, ehich means self) If my math and israeli history are right, (both always iffy presumptions) its been 57 years since Israel declared its independance. Hope that explains the pin.