Saturday, May 28, 2005

Enigmatic Chabad

This just makes no sense. Chabad has sent me another evite for the same event, but by my calculations Chabad really shouldn't be sending emails before sunset on a Saturday. It kinda weakens their case, no?


Alex B. said...

They really need people.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there secretary is also the shabbos goy?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

I considered the possibility that the evite service functions as a shabbos goy, but still, the email comes from Chabad and not evite, so I will hold this against them.

Anonymous said...

Cursed homonyms. I mean their, qua Chabad.

Once could imagine a member of Chabad house having a conversation with their shabbos goy, and saying "oh, drats! I forgot to send out evites", prompting the house goy to send out invitations.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the evite services has automatic reminders that was set to 3 days before the event, thus it was sent out automatically on Shabbat.

However, thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson, to be more careful next time. ~ Yossi

PS The event was great, please feel free to meet Chabad wherever your journey in life takes you.