Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Slipped into something more comfortable

I'm not feeling like myself right now. I'm on the A-level of the Reg (for non-U of C readers, this is the largely sorority/frat level of the library) wearing sweats and sneakers. Typically, I'd be on a different floor, or in Classics Cafe, wearing something a bit more chic, so I must defend myself. I'm on the A-level because my laptop's at home and I needed to use a computer (and no, not just to blog) and am in sweats because I just ran downtown. Yup, all the way from Hyde Park to Balbo, plus a few feet, since the furthest I'd ever run before was from Hyde Park to Balbo, with a break in the middle to look at the Illinois Institute of Technology campus. Their student center is fabulous, shiny, and made out of all sorts of cool materials. Right now I feel fabulous, shiny, and as if I'm made out of all sorts of cool materials, but will probably be in pain tomorrow. I'm very curious to see how far I could run before collapsing while gasping, "No more, no more!" but I'm almost certain that, if I run north, once I know Fox and Obel is approaching I'd be forced to stop.

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Anonymous said...

I was unaware that we had a frat/sorority level (or maybe I am in denial that they study at all). I thought it was the econ/poli-sci I need friends to study with me level.