Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Woman date

Just had dinner with Kate at Bartlett. It was kinda awkward, you know, two heterosexual women having dinner together without the crutches of a makeover party or a Brad Pitt movie. What beverages would we consume? (Diet Coke for me, water for her; had to steer clear of root beer, whole milk, or anything that might be considered butch). What would people say? Think we made it from the dining hall to the library without too many people coming to the (false! false!) conclusion that we are a lesbian couple, but you can never be too careful...

Yeah. Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I'm not quite sure what Jennifer 8. Lee was getting at with her "Man Date" article.


Petey said...

Pretty funny paragraph.


After much consideration, I think the subtext of 8's piece is this:

"Despite all the ink spilled on metrosexuals, there are many young urban upscale men who aren't metrosexuals."

ben wolfson said...

All you really need to know about Jennifer 8. Lee is that she gave herself the middle name "8.".