Saturday, April 30, 2005

Men want to get married. Women don't.

According to New York Magazine dating columnist Amy Sohn, "men are just as susceptible to biology’s imperatives." Sohn discusses men who "bring up marriage and kids in the first few dates and know stroller brands the way some men know speaker systems," and claims these men are not popular in the NYC dating scene. Such men might consider moving to Kyrgyzstan, where men really, really want to get married and women don't have much of a say in the matter. These NYC men should not, however, romanticize the American South, since Southern belles are abducting themselves these days, only to escape the unpleasant world of bridal showers and massive weddings.

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Petey said...

The Kyrgyz courtship customs actually have more appealing values than traditional dowry based systems. I've never understood cultures where brides are deemed so worthless that you can't even give them away - you have to pay for the privilege.

Perhaps the "Rules" girls who were in fashion a couple of years back might want to consider moving to Kyrgyzstan in their quest to find a man who is willing to commit.


As far as Sohn is concerned, I'd suggest anyone of either gender who starts rhapsodizing about stroller brands on the second date should be shunned like the plague. Even if both people are anxious to have children, it's still just deeply creepy social behavior.

Now, I'm well aware that having the idea of makin' babies in the back of your head has the power to greatly enhance the garden of sexual delight. But that's why God invented birth control. It's crucial to get lots and lots of practice at breeding before trying it out for real. Otherwise, how can you know you're doing it correctly?

Missing this point may be the central failing of the Kyrgyz system.