Sunday, April 10, 2005

I am writing a B.A. paper. I will write a B.A. paper.

To whom it may concern (primarily if not exclusively myself):

My B.A. will one day be super-cool. You've got your French left-wing rebels, your American 20th century neocons, your Maltzian interpretations of Zionism...all really exciting stuff. That this is all currently in the form of franglais notes is a bit problematic (problematique?) but will soon be rectified. That many of my sources are, tragically, written in English, though the paper itself must be written in French, is partly to blame for my linguistic confusion.

It's striking, though, how many people at the Reg seem to be studying themselves in one way or another. There's an Asian girl reading about "multiethnic Japan," and there are often two very blond people, a guy and a girl, reading about Lutheranism. And here I am with my gigantic Jew in the Modern World. I mean, it's French Jews I've got to deal with, and I'm not one of those, but still...

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Aaron said...

Wow, what a coincidence. My BA will also one day be "super-cool". I'll let you know when that day gets here.