Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Is that so?

Daniel Drezner says there's a dark chocolate Twix. I'm intrigued. I want one.


Dan Dautrich said...

It is so. I just had one earlier this week from the vending machine at work. I'm normally not a fan of dark chocolate and got one by mistake, but it was actually really yummy. Do try one. =)

Petey said...

Fuck. I skip your blog for a while and I miss out on News I Can Use™.

I'm always very happy when American companies mass market food items which are actually edible. For example, the existence of Starbucks means you can get drinkable coffee outside of civilized areas.

And now I learn that vending machines have become pregnant with promise. Dark chocolate Twix? Good lord. What's next? Is Coca-Cola going to start making little 100ml bottles of Cokebitter?

Anonymous said...

It looks real. You can buy 'em by the carton at, but that's to much for a trial.

I agree with petey. It's nice to see some potentially edible products on the market.