Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another list: Five reasons my BA will get written tonight

1) I supersized my Ex Libris coffee, paying an extra quarter (adding up to a full dollar) for a medium.

2) Tonight is the BA party. This means very little, basically that I'll be at the Reg writing my BA, possibly eventually surrounded by others doing the same.

3) I got far too much sleep last night, so I do not have the, "I'm tired, I'll do it tomorrow" excuse.

4) I also have no excuse to go out and get a snack. The candy bar I got yesterday which failed to interest me then is still in my bag.

5) Yesterday, I read all sorts of fascinating stuff about Theodor Herzl. Sounds like, for a good guy, he was kind of an asshole. Rude to his wife, obsessed with aristocracy, even (gasp) anti-Semitic. How this will related to a French literature BA paper has yet to be determined.


Petey said...

I believe this might be an appropriate time to begin the creative procrastination technique of deeply considering the concept of dropping out.

Imagine all the interesting cocktail party conversations you'll be able to have about being an academic voluntarily severed from academia.

And don't forget that if the paper really wanted to exist, it would've already written itself. Stop bothering yourself about your paper's inexcusable laziness in emerging.

Germans write papers. The French drink coffee, say witty things, and look good.

If you write the paper, the terrorists win.

If you write the paper, you will bring about a world where all the clothes are made of polyester, where all the people look like Midwesterners, where all the croissants are actually Pillsbury crescent rolls.

Consider the consequences carefully.

Andrew Moroz said...

Theodor Herzl was anti-Semitic? What are you talking about? He was the father of Zionism.