Monday, April 18, 2005

UnColumbia Unbecoming, plus Unrelated

The screening's been cancelled. No foul play, they just don't have the tape yet, so no kerfuffle.

Unrelated: To whom it may concern, I have not only made it to the library, but have also made the necessary xeroxes, so homework may begin at any moment.

Also unrelated: A while back, on this very blog, I asked why sorority girls wear sweatpants so much more frequently than non-sorority types. (To new readers and the unperceptive: I fall under the latter category.) Another, similar question was bothering me today: Why does spring start so much earlier for sorority girls than for the unaffiliated? My switch from jeans, boots, and black shirt to tank top, pleated skirt, and ballet flats happens somewhere in mid-May, at the earliest; sorority girls seem to break out their ruffle skirts, spaghetti tanks, and flip-flops on the first day it stops snowing. It's not that they dress more revealingly than most other girls, but that they don't wait for actual, honest-to-goodness warm weather before losing the layers. Does anyone know why this might be the case? Feminist, post-feminist, and gender-neutral interpretations are all welcome.


Foo Bar said...

2 theories:

1) Maybe their regimented and preplanned social calendars leads them to make fashion decisions in similarly regimented ways (e.g. if it's time for Spring Formal it must be time for my spring wardrobe).

2) Maybe sorority women are more concerned about being appropriately tanned in time for the arrival of summer, so they make sure to get an early start on their tans, even if it means wearing spaghetti tanks in 55 degree weather.

Julie Fredrickson said...

Though I am not a sorority girl (rumours aside) I think it is because "we" get bored. I am tired of my (though you think they are overated) jeans and cashmere sweaters. Plus my feet need some air and my pointy black boots need some time off. Hence we bust out the skirts, sandals and flouncy tops. You are lucky they don't start wearing it earlier, I went to J.Crew in early Feb to buy a pair of khakis lined with fleece that I had heard were toasty and the spring wear was already out! It was 15 degrees out and they wanted to sell me shorts! And since sorority girls love their shopping (ohh more stereotypes) they have probably been waiting to wear stuff they bought months ago
Besides, I don't think the sorority girls need to work on their tans. I know plenty that fake bake (eeeww). Maybe tan in a can is a solution