Monday, April 11, 2005

Assorted fascinating news items

Spotted someone whom I'm thinking was Daniel Drezner at Medici Bakery this morning. Came quite close to asking him where one finds the dark chocolate Twix, but figured that if he was in fact Drezner, then he probably has better things to do than help me gain my Senior 15, so decided against.

Ever wondered why there's no Gap in Hyde Park? The University of Chicago Magazine kindly allowed me to investigate this most pressing issue. Here's the scoop. (Not, needless to say, the Scoop; I'm not holding my breath till one of those boutiques opens in Hyde Park, let alone Chicago.)

I will have an article in tomorrow's Maroon, if I get my act together and finish it, that is. Then I will count French syllables, conjugate Hebrew verbs, and otherwise party hard, Chicago style, for the rest of the evening.

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, many years ago there used to be a Benetton in the space now occupied by Starbucks on 53rd Street. I think it only lasted a few years. Hyde Park spells retail death for most businesses, and clothing in particular.