Saturday, April 23, 2005

The four questions

The following are frequently asked of me by others, but are still more frequently asked of me by myself:

1) What are you doing next year?

2) How much of your BA have you written?

3) How late is the library open on weekend nights?

4) Your BA is in French?

It's a bit late in the day to discover a religious objection to doing work on Passover, so BA it is. Or, it will be. To quote "The Continental" from the old Christopher Walken SNL skit, "But first, a glass of this fine Champagne." And by Champagne, I mean coffee, which will hopefully counteract some of my (ceremonial!) inebriation and permit me to reach page 20 of the Thing tonight.

1 comment:

Petey said...

A Talmudic query:

If your croissant gets crushed flat in an unfortunate mishap on the way home, does it then count as unleavened bread?