Sunday, October 24, 2004

Weekend Update

1) My latest Maroon column is out and about but not yet online; stay tuned, or, if you're at the U of C, pick up an old-fashioned paper copy of Friday's issue.

2) Team America was awesome. The movie's worth seeing if only for the one terrorist/puppet's tall, fluffy hat, which looks like something you'd find in a bin in the women's section of Filene's Basement. My only regret was that the movie didn't do more with the Janeane Garofalo puppet--the real Ms. Garofalo seems more like something out of South Park than does the puppet version.

3) While downtown I purchased three different kinds of cheese. I now have five cheeses in my mini-fridge, which has to be a mini-fridge record.


Anonymous said...

I'm worried I already own the hat.

Molly said...

It is definetly a record for THAT mini fridge, if that's worth anything. I think it previously held only yogurt and diet coke. Hmm..toss in some pretzels and you have a complete and balanced diet.