Thursday, October 28, 2004

Andrew Sullivan, Lincoln, and "Gay"

Hello, dear readers:

I've decided to somewhat fly the coop of WWPD for my own blog, which of course is much less traveled and less full of insightful fashion commentary than this one (though it has recently discovered Tony Kushner, and much for the better).

Nevertheless, I thought any neocons out there who read Andrew Sullivan might like to know that yours truly got a letter published on his letters page, in response to Sullivan's post on weather Lincoln was gay.

Sullivan's original post is here. My reply on his letters page is here. And my blog is here.


Phoebe said...

OK, Nick, you're on the blogroll. Good job getting onto the Sullivan letters page!

Molly said...

It is so very cool that you were published on Andrew Sullivan. I don't know THAT much about the history of sexuality but I will say that your point of view makes much more sense. I mean, it's sort of like the beginning of Moby Dick when Ishmael shares the bed with the cannibal. I don't think Ishmael is necessarily gay because of this...and I think there's a problem when too much weight is placed on that moment. That said, it's always neat to revist huge figures, from a new perspective.