Friday, October 15, 2004

Brooks vs. Blachman: Let the best parody win

David Brooks's debate parody, though not the sort of thing that causes one to cringe, pales in comparison to Jeremy Blachman's. To give an example, take a look at how both of them treat Bush's "19 year old Afghan woman voted first" anecdote.

Brooks-as-Bush: "I'm excited about 19-year-old girls in Afghanistan who are voting in favor of the line-item veto for the first time ever."

Blachman-as-Bush: "We are safe. Let me compare us to Afghanistan, the country we all think of first when we think of safety. They had elections there. We have elections here. The first person who voted was a 19-year-old woman. Then she was shot."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but you have to give Brooks credit for this one:

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