Thursday, October 21, 2004

Al Sharpton is Not Cuddly

"STEWART: I thought Al Sharpton was very impressive.


STEWART: I enjoyed his way of speaking."

-- that Crossfire episode with Jon Stewart that is getting like way too much attention.

The thing that concerns me here I crazy for hating Al Sharpton? Like, didn't this man say some pretty nasty things about Jewish people? Am I wrong to be bothered by those comments still? Is it OK for me to be upset that this man refuses to apologize for the disaster that was the Tawana Brawley case? The same man who went to Gaza in 2001 to meet with Yasser Arafat?

I just feel like everybody really likes him and I need to just "chill."

Whatever. I am currently chilling and I still think Al Sharpton is really awful.


Anonymous said...

You're not crazy. Some people just don't know about his past (although Jews seem to be more informed than others in this respect), and others tolerate him because they know that criticizing him will lead to significant political repercussions.

Alex B. said...

What did Al Sharpton say about Jews?

Anonymous said...

Alex, this should give you some idea:

Alex B. said...

Eww. I would not want that guy's endorsement if I were running for president.

Anonymous said...

And yet you would, if you wanted to win as a Democrat.

Alex B. said...

I suppose this is why I'm not running for president.

Molly said...

yeah...he spoke at the Democratic National Convention this year. I'll say this: the man is a pretty good speaker. He knows how to get the crowd excited. However, I wouldn't want to be on the other end of opportunistic wrath. He's not really interested in the truth.
To Anonymous: It's disturbing to me that the Democratic party provides a forum for this man and legitimizes him. However, along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton is the most prominent leader in the black community (don't ask me why it isn't people like Condi and Colin Powell, but whatever) and he holds a lot of weight (even if he did drop a lot of it when he was in prison last year) so I understand why they use him. I just don't respect it.

Anonymous said...

Why not Colin Powell and Condi Rice? Because they're Uncle Toms / race traitors / "oreos" / blah blah [insert other racist terms used to describe African-Americans who don't share Al Sharpton's worldview]. but seriously, a lot of African-Americans think that African-American Republicans are sell-outs (similar to how a lot of Jews think Jewish Republicans are idiots ... well, at least that's what the Jews in my family think).

p.s. i'm pretty sure you're the same Molly I met at a CFI dinner for the "What is Zionism?" panel a long, long time ago, and i haven't seen you since then, but i just wanted to let you know that i like what you have to say and think that you should post more on phoebe's blog.

Molly said...

I think the only thing looked down upon more than Republican Jews are Republican Blacks. 81 percent of Jews voted for Gore in 2000 while 90 percent of blacks voted for him. I think the black vote will increase for Bush this year, albeit very slight and not as much as I think that the Jewish vote will increase for Republicans (although also, a pretty slight increase). I think the Kerry camp is nervous enough that they've taken to calling Bush "racist" even though he's brought an unprecedented amount of African Americans to the White House.

Recently the NAACP president Kweisi Mfume said that Republicans who are black are "like the ventriloquist's dummies, they sit there in the puppet master's voice, but we can see whose lips are moving, and we can hear his money talk." Hmmm.. and they wonder why Bush doesn't come and speak to the NAACP!

Project 21 ( is an interesting group of black conservatives. They have a nice collection of articles written by a small group of conservatives online.