Sunday, October 24, 2004

They Like Him, They Really, Really Like Him

British blogger Oliver Kamm recently mentioned that there is at least one academic who doesn't hate Bush with all his heart and soul.

John Gaddis (whose book, "We Now Know" on the Cold War I had to read in high school), has this to say: "This administration is dead serious about trying to make the world safe for democracy. It is as serious about the fundamental premises that Woodrow Wilson set forward some eight decades ago as any subsequent administration has been."

The rest of the review is here.

For a change, the Bush administration has taken a break from hating everybodyand applauded Gaddis' new book "Surprise, Security and the American Experience." I think that's either the best free publicity...or the worst.

p.s. It's not clear that Gaddis is going to be pulling the lever for Bush (not that it would matter in Conneticut, where Gaddis teaches at Yale). He describes himself as "a very long-term, disillusioned Democrat who still has hope for the Democratic Party."


Anonymous said...

i had every intention of voting this year. my parents sent me my absentee ballot application form and everything. unfortunately, the application wasn't postpaid, and alas, my quest for a lone stamp was not successful. going to the co-op post office was out of the question for reasons that should be obvious (or not). i checked out the stamp machine downstairs in the Reynolds Club, and i found out that you can buy three 3-cent stamps for 40 cents, or five 37-cent stamps for $5. Why don't they sell one 37-cent stamp for 37 cents? I mean, really. what the shit is that? My application is due in CA by tomorrow, and it's still sitting here, so it looks like i won't have a chance to consider voting for this guy after all:

Molly said...

I couldn't find the page/canidate you linked to.

As you know, if you don't vote, P.Diddy is going to come into your house one night, very late at night, and kill you. You have not you must die.

So here is what I ask you: how much is your life worth to you? Not even five dollars?

Anonymous said...

The link should work, but if not, then search google for Jackson Kirk Grimes. And dig that hat.

As for P. Diddy and his murderous follies, let's just say that he is going to have one hell of a time getting through the stringent Broadview security. In any case, I am fully prepared to martyr myself for my right to not vote.

Molly said...

I think P. Diddy could get through Broadview security...because, like, anybody can get through Broadview security.The question of whether or not he and his entrouge of oversized VOTE OR DIE t-shirt wearing KILLERS will have the patience to wait for the elevator (assuming you're not on one of the first couple of floors) is another question entirely. I think the fact that nobody in Broadview has roomates (or ever leaves his/her room) will only make this spree all the more easier for him.

Anonymous said...

despite our crappy pronunciation of the letter "t". I demand you spell Connecticut correctly, it is after all Algonquin for "big river"