Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Could it be...

...that what Hitchens is, after all, is yet another--gasp--undecided?

Enough of this "on the one hand, on the otherhand" (albeit done up in only the most sophisticated political-essay wording)--frankly, I think Hitchens (along with, if he could vote, Sullivan) is just one more undecided voter. Just because it's fascinating to listen to him argue for both sides, just because he masks his indecision in rhetoric more high-brow than "I think Edwards has nice hair, on the other hand, Bush looks like he's been working out lately," doesn't mean Hitchens' wavering and weighing both sides amounts to much more, in the end, than convincing himself and others that there's no right answer, so you may as well just pick the one who seems less wrong on the day you're voting.

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Molly said...

could it be that - gasp! - Christopher Hitchens likes to get published?

oh I think - who really knows what Hitchens thinks....the only sure thing is that he is like, "hmm how can I top my little pro-Bush article in The Nation? Oh, by acting like maybe I didn't really mean it."