Sunday, October 31, 2004

Plain Wrong

I like the Gap (I like to do my part to keep kids in Bangladesh from prostitution).

I like dogs (especially this one).

I do not like this argyle sweater for your dog.

People who know me know that I'm no PETA activist in training (I'll leave all the hard work to Saint Pamela) but doggie sweaters are mildly humiliating for both dog and owner.


Phoebe said...

Where do you stand on Louis Vuitton dog carriers?

Molly said...

hmm..I support them. As a sort of owner of a small dog, I understand the need to have some sort of carrier if, for example you needed to take your dog on the bus or subway (in which case they must be in a carrier). But you can only own it if you live in a city where you it is near impossible to own a car. I disagree with the carrier if you are just doing it because you don't want your precious dog's paws to touch the dirty nyc concrete. I wonder if you can buy knockoff LV dog carriers in chinatown???

Kara Mesude said...

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