Saturday, September 30, 2006

The very pants my friend was returning

When Kramer sells his life story to Peterman, one of his more riveting tales is of getting pants dirty while in the park on his way to return... those pants. "The very pants I was returning." I operate on that level of logic myself--as evidenced by my having just sent reading for class to the printer on the opposite side of the computer lab rather than the one right behind me--but that's not the point. The point is that I just got the very same pants my friend Chelsea showed me she'd bought but decided to return. If she were not twice my height, that could well have saved me a trip to Urban Outfitters.

Now that my printing (among the documents: "An Essay on the Physical, Moral and Political Reformation of the Jews," an article from 1789 denouncing gratuitous midday trips to Urban Outfitters) is complete, off to read, uh, the very pages I was printing.

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Anonymous said...

wait, i have those jeans too! but from the urban outfitters in wicker park. :)