Monday, September 18, 2006

Only to find Gideon's Bible

Tonight, as co-blogger Nick, co-UChicagoer Jena, and I were walking down Hudson, we had a bit of an altercation with the cops. Specifically, we saw that a large, loft-style building was surrounded, with some people inside, and with plenty watching the proceedings from across the street. What was all this about? As we approached the action, one of the cops lifted a massive gun, didn't quite point it at us but not far off, and ordered us to cross the street. Which needless to say we did. Nick asked some of the observers what was going on, and it turned out it was not, as we'd suspected, a hostage situation, or anything similarly dramatic. What had merited the major police presense, not to mention the threatening waving of the gun, was that a raccoon had climbed onto a ledge of the building.

Now, not to get all gun-control-crazed or anything, but isn't it maybe not so fabulous that we live in a society where the presence of a raccoon on a ledge is sufficient reason for a cop to lift a large gun at passersby?

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Neil Sinhababu said...

"Rocky Raccoon" is my sister's favorite Beatles song.