Monday, September 11, 2006

EU and Israel, BFF

Almost every day, someone asks me what I will do when I grow up if academia doesn't work out. My answer is typically something along the lines of work involving France-Jews-Europe-Israel, perhaps in some capacity involving improving EU-Israel relations. Such a position, I always assumed, is unlikely to even exist, putting it somewhere near "tenured professor AND world-famous popstar" on the list of things I might be hired for. Well, turns out the thing exists. According to the European Jewish Press:

A pan-European pro-Israel body, aimed at deepening relations between the EU and Israel, is to be formally launched this week in Brussels. The new organisation, called “European Friends of Israel”, comes at a time when relations between Israel and the Europeans have been rather tense in the framework of the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah. It will work at the level of the 25 EU member states plus the two future members, Bulgaria and Romania.

Not bad!
Dimitri Dombret, if you're ever looking for interns or something...

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Anonymous said...

A lot of the Israeli foreign ministry's staff were born in countries other than Israel.