Sunday, October 01, 2006

Les blogues

Just went running for the first time since starting grad school. It's a fact, grad school leads to muscle deterioration. Running 3 1/2 miles should not be that difficult.

Tangentially related, I've learned that French grad school and blogging are not as mutually exclusive as one might imagine. (You'd picture a world of moleskin notebooks and fountain pens, right? Right.) Clementine's got one, and she in turn reveals that Pony and Andrew do as well. I'd read and give a synopsis of these blogs, but two factors-- iffy Internet and mountains of homework-- prevent it for the time being.


ponyboy said...

how slow am i? i just equated the blog clémentine mentioned with you. yay for grad students who know how to attach files to emails and then some! your blog is nice, and you are nice to have read mine. even though that was probably before i pissed you off somethin' fierce last week by writing on your notes.

Phoebe said...

I wasn't annoyed, just confused! That Cleve princess doesn't apply to me, since I only need to know 19th C and later.

You missed a heck of a trip to Sephora.