Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is our models eating?

Why bother wasting space, even virtual space, to ask the general (albeit NYT-reading) public whether fashion models are too thin? Is there possibly any new ground to cover with this discussion? No, they don't look healthy, no, they don't tend to follow especially healthy lifestyles, but until we ask ourselves, "Is our rock stars too stoned?," perhaps we'd better suspend judgment.

That said, it's kind of amusing that laws keeping models normal-sized have come onto the scene-- will this lead to extracool, underground fashion shows filled with real models? Or will we all finally learn to accept ourselves as beautiful no matter what size, thereby adding to the confidence of every adolescent girl out there, thereby-- give it 20 years-- fixing that whole "no women in science" problem once and for all?

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Petey said...

"fixing that whole "no women in science" problem once and for all?"

Of course, the real issue is the whole "no women in humanities grad school willing to wear silver lame leggings" problem.

I'm not sure whether or not policing the caloric intake of models will have any effect on this.