Saturday, September 16, 2006

Silver leggings!

Got 'em. Space-age clothing is the only clothing cooler than francophilic, punkophilic, AND mod. The question remains: will these have the same fate as the hot pink leg-warmers? As in, will they ever see the light of day?


Blundering American said...

They're like wearable mercury!

Of course, you could just throw all fashion sense to the wind and wear them with the pink leg warmers! ;)

ck said...

Wow. That's not a bad idea blunering american. Speaking of American... those leggings are by American Apparel and while they are a tad fashion forward might actually work well as a daring accent in an otherwise conservative outfit. Just a thought.

Lotchen said...

I think they are abs fab.
May I ask where you got them, or more important, where can I get my own pair?


sarah said...

OM (double)G!! WHERE did you get these from??-they're fab! i'v been wanting some exactly like this and cant find them anywhere!! w/b please!!..... :D