Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Proust's letters, abridged

Tonight Adam Gopnik spoke or possibly is still speaking on Proust's letters, at the Maison Francaise at NYU. Problem is, although my cold's basically over, I now have a cough. Which meant a constant tension of a not at all literary variety. "This is interesting." Followed by, cough. "I had no idea!" Cough. "Maybe I should leave... but this is so cool!" Cough. "There will be wine and cheese afterwards!" Cough.

The coughing won out in the end. I'm assuming that the second I left, the discussion switched over to the subject of the Dreyfus Affair or Proust and Freud, i.e. whatever would have most interested me. But so be it, I spared a very chic audience from catching a cold not nearly as elegant as Proust's, what was it, tuberculosis? that led, much like his madeleine, to all sorts of wonderfulness.


Clementine Gallot said...

You're lucky you could get in ! the woman shoved the door on our face at some point.
By the way I saw you joinded the Tzarfatit group. I've been trying to pronounce that word in hebrew class but I just can't (it's mainly due to the fact that a french comic actor used to perform as "Madame Sarfati" in the worst outfit ever, see fr yourself : http://www.lematin.ch/nwmatinhome/nwmatinheadpeople/_elie_homosexuel_.body.Image.1.gif)
sorry this is a random message :)

Phoebe said...

That is v. frightening.

Are you taking Hebrew at NYU? If so, which class? I took Beginner 1 in college, and need to restart this sometime soon... but I suppose I can just ask you all this in class!

Clementine Gallot said...

Yes ! I'm taking Hebrew for beginners at Speaking Freely (check their website), they also have intermediate, with the same prof. It's at the bronfman center obviously.