Friday, August 17, 2007

Roundup of a full day

-Julie Fredrickson's description of what it's like to go to a warehouse sale filled with "non-industry women" brings sartorial elitism to levels not reached since the reign of Louis XIV. Disclaimer: I was at that sale yesterday, briefly, and the fact that it's a waste of time as opposed to a trip to H&M, which is saying something, was obvious even to my amateur self.

-Andrew Krucoff (he of the Cossacks remark) outdoes me in the historical jokes department, this time with a remark about Balfour marking the end of Jewish humor.

-Staples makes a heck of an index card. Just bought 500 of them, retail, on which I have begun writing all the really important names and events of France, 1789-present. Luckily nothing much happened, so shouldn't take long.

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