Friday, August 24, 2007

Controversies for everyone else to contemplate while I am offline

-Do professors have a constitutional right to date students? Dinesh D'Souza, missing the point, claims, "If professors had a constitutional 'right to romance,' then a student's refusal to sleep with them would constitute a violation of their rights." Lawsuits demanding the "right" to date Brad Pitt shall soon follow.

-Should there be Hebrew-themed public schools? Arabic-themed? Llama ken or low?

-Discuss amongst yourselves.


The Sanity Inspector said...

Yes, they have a constitutional right to *try* to date their students. Freedom of association. The student can always say no. It's probably inappropriate in most cases, just like most rights are inappropriate in at least some conceivable situations. (though I knew a philosophy teacher who wound up marrying one of his students.)

Anonymous said...

I bet his wife wasn't happy.