Monday, August 20, 2007

The Gay Messiah

Photo credit: Nick or me, who knows.

Confirmed, Rufus is God. There should be no separation between Rufus and state. Praying to Rufus should be mandatory in public schools. I can't confirm that there is no other God than Rufus, but it's some stiff competition. There should be shrines to Rufus in the temples of all major and minor Eastern religions that have shrines. And there should be shrines to him, period. He is divine, and I mean this literally. "Fabulous," as he is often described, is too much of a nondescript term used about (and allegedly by) gay men to explain someone of such universal appeal and importance.

Aside from pointing out that his singing sounds at least as good in concert as on the albums, all the way through a very long set, I can't convey much about the music itself. Amazing music, but I can't describe it, you'd be better off just listening. But the costumes! First there was the striped suit (or, in Rufus-lyric terms, "pants-suit-sort-of-thing;" see above) with shiny brooches on the leg. No shirt beneath. Then there were the lederhosen, which are as spectacular as one would expect from custom-fitted lederhosen. He paired these with a rhinestone (?) necklace and bracelet. Then he reappeared in a white fluffy terry-cloth robe (no photo, probably the rainstorm was picking up during those songs). A few songs later, he added to the robe a pair of high heels (worn, it was clear, over seamed stockings), red lipstick, and very shiny (rhinestone?) earrings. He then whipped off the robe to reveal... a just-long-enough tuxedo jacket.

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Glenn said...

Who's Rufus?

No really.

I mean, wasn't the gay messiah Liberace?