Friday, August 24, 2007

Narcissistic blog post (redundant?)

Clementine had a copy of the NY Observer, so I got to read all about... my life thus far. There's a story about "Gossip Girl," the new New York version of "The O.C.," about the lives of those who attend single-sex schools in Manhattan. Then there's a book review about Stuyvesant, with a picture of the school and everything. It's strangely calming to read about how once I passed a test that few others do, especially when I'm about to take a big exam and maybe just a tiny bit scared out of my mind. And finally, there's an advice column called, "Ask a Theoretical Physicist." I can really relate to this publication.

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Glenn said...

the book on stuy is a ripoff of another book by a stuy alum, david lipsky (stuy '83) who wrote on a class at west point after 9/11. Same idea different school.