Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Knowledge acquisition

Among so much else, the rest of which was actually important (i.e. how to teach), today I learned the following:

1) "Combien de temps a-t-elle à vivre?" sounds EXACTLY like "Combien de temps à Tel Aviv?" Not exactly, but the first time I heard this sentence in a video I watched for teacher-training I thought the sad faces were about terrorism or some such, which seemed out of context. The thing is that I secretly imagine the rest of the world is obsessed with all things French-Israeli. Yet the evidence otherwise keeps growing.

2) At least two of my classmates claim they read this blog, who up till now I had no idea read it. Making a mental note not to repeat anecdotes to these two that I may have put on the blog, so as not to make the same (fascinating, always) observations twice.

3) The Italian House at NYU has a chef. And amazing food. Oh yes. I think I may have just discovered an interest in Italian culture, and will have to go to a lot of talks at the Casa Italiana...


David Schraub said...

To the second: I have the same problem. Except that, I also have some friends who I know read the blog occasionally, but I don't know how often (and I'm always suspicious that they don't actually read it). And even if I know they did, what if I want to recount my story in an actual conversation? I don't want to withhold my blogging based on my desire to preserve topics for conversations!

Phoebe said...

I've gotten called on this from friends who do read it. I generally assume my readership is limited to the four or five people I'm sure of, but the Sitemeter numbers suggest otherwise.

I want to make a geeky comment, that "actual conversation" is overrated, it just seems appropriate, given the geekiness of my post, even if I don't actually believe it.