Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maltz's Complaint(s)

Photo credit: Clementine. Note the expression: I am not pleased with the water-to-air ratio.

1) The humidity: This is the reason why a) my hair has an unintentional but dramatic early '60s flip, and b) why the city's roach problem is worse than usual. First, across the table at dinner at an otherwise nice restaurant with my boyfriend's family. Welcome to New York! Then, spotted by Katherine, at an otherwise spectacular Belgian cafe in Brooklyn. Does this mean I can never go back?

2) The index cards: I may need to rent storage space for them once they are complete.

3) A brownie I had earlier had an unidentified object in it. Unclear what it was (redundant, sorry), but waa!

4) In a (non-Belgian) Brooklyn coffee shop earlier, with brownie, index cards, and Katherine, a woman at the next table who looked about our age inquired as to the Sears Tower-esque pile of papers in front of me. I explained that it was about French history, for an exam, and she asked me if I know French. So far no surprises. Then Katherine asked her what she was up to. She was, alas, taking a moment away from her husband (!) and baby (!!!) to get some work done. And she was our age, more or less, and was not a teen mother. Confirmed, I'm ancient.

5) Why can't I settle down with a nice Jewish girl? Oops, not my complaint.


Mordu said...

"The index cards: I may need to rent storage space for them once they are complete."

I couldn't have put it better. My Hebrew index cards are getting out of control. Trade you for your French ones after our respective tests? ;-)

Phoebe said...

That's not a bad idea.