Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is it true about women and shoes?

As I've mentioned before, Jo is amused by my apparently classic female declaration, upon purchasing new and not entirely necessary shoes, that I will "wear them for years;" for this reason I no longer make any such pronouncements. I wanted to cry sexism, but I have in fact been to shoe stores, and no matter what's being offered, gender-wise, the men are sitting, bored, and the women are going nuts. So I, in turn, was amused when I read UChicago classmate Julie Fredrickson's proclamation regarding a pair of "$575 [...] Christian Louboutin Simple Leather Pumps in Nude." She writes, "I will get years of wear out of these shoes." Then again, she works in fashion, and probably does not have the option of wearing flats from Filenes or sneakers from freshman year of college. On the page Julie links to about the shoes themselves, an "Editor's Note" explains, "A cute style in a classic shade - a style you will wear season after season." So it is.

Given my tolerance for heels, it's fair to say I would get approximately three seconds of wear out of a pair like that. Which would be the opposite cost-per-wear of the famous sub-$13 silver ballet flats, which despite a destructive stint as Tel Aviv beach shoes, are still 100% wearable by graduate student standards.

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Rachel said...

I was so excited to read about shoes, but those shoes are ugly, what is up with the toe box? does it want to be pointy? Yes? No? These shoes however are totally useless and uncomfortable and I love love love them.