Friday, December 24, 2004

"You're wrong! I mean, just chill."

Anyone noticed how this whole "save Christmas" battle is being fought? Basically, conservatives are accusing liberals of--gasp--making a fuss. Why can't liberals leave well enough alone? Christmas is a good thing, harmless at worst, the very epitome of family values at best. But, being the obsessively PC, humorless, whiny people that they are, liberals are spoiling the fun for everyone, just for the sake of being inoffensive. The nerve of those people!

Making a fuss is, as conservatives surely realize, the only way to get people to see your point. Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard found Natalie Portman too racy for her own good. His, well, fuss, got his gripes listened to--not universally agreed with, but listened to all the same. But what, exactly, was all the fuss about? Isn't Portman's acting career more of a good thing than a bad one for society?

I'd like to see a moratorium on accusations that the other side ought to be ignored because it's humorless and making a fuss. Anyone (other than a Daily Show or Onion writer) trying to make a point about an issue he cares about is bound to come across as whiny to his political opponents.

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