Friday, December 03, 2004

Diet Coke: How to know when to stop

How much diet Coke is too much diet Coke? Three cans in one day? Six? As addictions go, it's relatively harmless, but maybe a bit disgusting when it reaches the point that the day ends and only the hidden cameras in Ex Libris (if Ex Libris has hidden cameras--hope not) know how many you've had.

(Canadian blogger Alex Bellefleur would say one can is too much, but he's presumably something of a radical on these matters.)

Finals Week (which, at Chicago, lasts approximately 10 of the 11 weeks of the quarter) brings out the worst in people. Whatever your vices are normally--overconsumption of soda; overconsumption of just about anything; a tendency to whine, a tendency to play the same song, very loudly, on a loop, for all your neighbors to hear--you are forced to take them to an extreme. That's just how it is, how it always was, and how it always will be.

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