Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Smile, Muffie, or I'll Potter your Aston! [UPDATED]

Curious as to whatever came of your NYC private school or boarding school classmates? Finding the faces on Friendster insufficiently exfoliated? Just up for looking at pictures of the well-groomed? Then check out David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary, which is both hilarious and strangely addictive. So many possible games to play, with "Who had what done?" being the most obvious. The fact that minorities are almost completely absent gives one the sense that these pictures are of socialites from another time; that minorities are present at all--and that the whole thing is on the Internet--reminds one that it is, in fact, 2004.

Look through the "party pictures" for 15 minutes and I guarantee you'll have a pretty clear sense of what Proust was talking about when he went on and on about those silly Guermantes.


This cannot be serious.


Anonymous said...

it is always sad when i read nysocialdiary and see people i went to high school with. it makes me feel somewhat inadequate that my social life consists of schoolwork and not the newest gala benefit.

Maureen said...

Oh my God. The Baroness could be Harold Ziegler (the pimp from "Moulin Rouge")'s twin sister.