Saturday, August 07, 2004

U of C myths debunked

The University of Chicago Magazine, where I used to work, has an article debunking a number of commonly-held beliefs about the school, but acknowledging that some aren't all wrong. Turns out:

1) Our sororities can't afford houses; it has nothing to do with any brothel law.
2) Only about 10% of Chicago alums marry fellow alums.
3) It is, as suspected, very rare for someone to graduate with a 4.0; no one did this past schoolyear.

I infer from this that:

1) There is now officially nothing racy about U of C's sororities.
2) I no longer have to take seriously a prediction my (non-Chicago, but familiar with Chicago myths) friend Will made senior year of high school, in his note in my yearbook, that I would marry a fellow U of Cer.
3) It is, as suspected, fully impossible to graduate from Chicago with a 4.0.


Will Murray said...

that's what they want you to think.

Phoebe said...

Hey, it's only a 10% chance, Will, OK?