Saturday, August 07, 2004

An apolitical, dog-related post

On my way to dinner tonight I encountered two fabulous, massive dogs. Turns out they were Tibetan Mastiffs, a breed I'm not aware of having seen before. How people living in New York could manage to own two of those is beyond me, but in any case, the picture below (not of the ones I saw, but of something along those lines) should give some indication of the massiveness and fabulousness of the dogs in question.


Anonymous said...

ooooh! such a great dog!!! and just for the record, pheebs, i'm not shy at all about my anti-friendster stance!

Phoebe said...

You'll cave yet.

Myles Culhane said...

Do you have any idea how large a Tibetan Mastiff's poop is? It's huge!! It's like cleaning up after a diaperless 200 pound man! Instead of carrying around one of those plastic bags from the grocery store you would have to have one of those big plastic bags that Target uses!