Saturday, August 28, 2004

My day, in bullet-points

Today so far:

  • Watched part of documentary on fashion models. Why? "It's a lot of work," they say. I think I pity Baude more for his book addiction that I do the models for their strenuous lives.
  • Spotted a couple who just might have been visiting Republicans. The woman was eating some meat bought on the street that native NYers ought to know to avoid, and the man had a city map in his back pocket.
  • Did part of a practice LSAT in Starbucks.
  • Am attempting to steam an artichoke. Update--it worked!
  • Going to a party that will require taking public transportation and passing through "the zone." Still have to pick a good nonpartisan outfit so as not to provoke Republicans or anarchists.
  • Will try not to check sitemeter repeatedly when I get back.
  • Expect blogging to be light while I'm outside--if I'm blogging from the party, all is lost, and I'll have to face up to the Internet addition once and for all.


Dylan said...

Slightly obscure: was the meat vendor's name "Dibbler"?

Phoebe said...

Not getting it.

Dylan said...

Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Nevermind.